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 Long Term Care 

Why? – Have you thought about the consequences a long term care event could have on You and Your Family?  If you aren’t protected, how would that affect your savings and retirement plans for You and Your Family?  Long Term Care Insurance can give you a practical and affordable way to pay for the high costs of long term care services by helping you maintain your independence, control over how you spend your savings and more choice in who provides your care including where you will receive it.

How Much is Needed and for How Long? – That Depends – You need a Plan!

Finally, What Can You Afford to Pay?


What is Long Term Care?

Long term care (LTC) is the assistance or supervision you may need when you are not able to do some of the basic activities of daily living (ADL) – bathing, dressing, eating, continence, toileting, and transferring.  Others may need help because of mental deterioration called severe cognitive impairment that can be caused by Alzheimer’s Disease, other mental illness or brain disorders.

A NEED MAY RESULT FROM:  Accidents, Illness, Advanced aging, Strokes or other chronic conditions.

Long term care can be received at home, in the community or in a Nursing or Residential Care Facility.  You may qualify for long term care insurance benefits if you can’t perform two ADLs by yourself for at least 90 days or require substantial supervision if you suffer from a severe cognitive impairment.


Facility Care only or both Home Care and/or Facility Care
Daily Benefit Amount (Ex: $100/ day; $200/ day; $250/ day)
Benefit Period ((Ex: 3 years; 4 years; 5 years)
Elimination Period – typically 90 days
Cost of Living Additions (Ex: 5% annual increase, simple or compound)


At issue subject to change by Policy Form Class, not by individual.

Long Term Care Riders may be purchased on some Life Insurance Contracts

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